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BitCore BTX Chinese Community / Bitcore社群成员你们好

Hey #BitCore community!

We have set up the BitCore $BTX Chinese Community. Meet our #Chinese #Community #Manager, Mo Dewei. He will help to build a robust #BTX Chinese community and a bridge between the Chinese community and the BTX global community.
Welcome to BitCore Family.

Everyone is invited to join the official Chinese community groups:

* Telegram
* QQ: 273219984

* Weibo
* Chain node

Join the open source community and start contributing to the BitCore project, discuss ideas, share your skills, begin building your own app on top of the BTX blockchain.

But we have more for you. Bitcore is also available on @XTexchange for #Chinese #community and everyone.

You can trade here:


Bitcore社群成员你们好,我们的中文社群已经建立起来了。莫德威是中国社区的负责人,他将和他的同事带领中国社区成员一起把Bitcore中国社区发展壮大,同时将会和全球各个地区的Bitcore社区保持密切的联系。欢迎大家加入和关注Bitcore中国社区官方的相关社群及媒体资讯:* 电报中文社群:* QQ群: 273219984* 微博:*链节点主页:请大家加入我们开源的社区,一起为Bitcore做贡献。你可以在这里讨论你的想法,分享你的技能,同时你也可以在BTX的区块链上构建你的应用程序,甚至你可以在上面做得更多。@xtexchange可以为中国社区及其其他所有人提供:BTX/SXC | BTX/BTC

Author: LIMXTEC Team
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BitCore BTX is available on the XT exchange Chinese exchange

We’re excited to announce that BitCore BTX is available on the XT exchange Chinese exchange and it is paired with BTC, SCX and USDT!
XT is community-based autonomous trading platform.
Trade here: & &
Happy trading all!
#crypto #trading #cryptonews #blockchain #bitcoin

我们很高兴地宣布:BitCore $BTX 可以在@xtexchange 交易所交易,同时开放BTC、SCX和USDT 3个交易对! #XT是基于社区自治的交易平台。 交易地址: & &

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InstaSwap v3.0 is finally live and #BitCore swaps are back online! #Swap your $BTX with other coins or vice versa.

We’re happy to be working with the innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform simple fast and secure.

InstaSwap is a Non-Custodial Exchange Platform that allows users exchange directly at market price within minutes. As a privacy focused platform, your personal data are safe and never shared.

Enjoy your trading

Author: LIMXTEC Team
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While things have improved somewhat in the last years, the cryptocurrency space is still filled with theoretical projects and those targeting niche audiences. That was what one of the BitCore core developer, Chris noticed in 2017 in the cryptocurrency industry and strengthened his determination to contribute to change it. In this way, BitCore developers launched BTX on the 24th April, 2017. The main BitCore’s mission is to make digital cash a simple, fast and accessible mean of payments for all the people around the world. The code is open source and has its own blockchain, wallet infrastructure and community. BTX has maximum supply of 21 Million coins and currently the circulating supply of BTX is almost 17 Million coins.

The community-driven effort is the key factor that makes BitCore BTX decentralized. During these two years, BitCore has attracted many people because of its genuine intention to create a financial system centered on the people. Thus, BitCore has earned the trust of thousands of users worldwide that contribute to build, to discuss and to improve the BitCore vision. BitCore is an awesome project thanks to the support of its community. Thank you for your support. You can find the official community links here:

Over its 2-year journey, BitCore has repeatedly improved, setting itself apart from other cryptocurrencies with blockchain firsts such as SegWit and Bloom. On the Bitcore blockchain, SegWit was activated a full 4.5 months earlier than on the Bitcoin blockchain. Moreover, BitCore is fully compatible with the Lightning Network and therefore able to support instant payments as well as micropayments. What’s next? BTX developers are working on Masternode feature and Travis integration for BitCore.

Today, BitCore BTX is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. We’re all very much looking forward to what is coming during our 3rd year!

The new campaign, in partnership with Magnum Wallet, starts today. Free BTX coins will be airdropped to the participants.
Subscribe on our telegram channels to get more info
– Bounty Bot —> @BitcoreAirdropBot

BitCore BTX rocket was launched in 2017. On this fantastic spring day let’s go over the significant milestones of BTX’s 2-year history. We have compiled a list of memorable stardates on the way of BitCore rocket to the moon:

The number of ways to store BTX is constantly growing. BitCore has developed a series of wallets to support BTX storage. We always keep them up to date and continue to expand the variety. On the other hand, BTX was integrated in 3rd party wallets.

* Core wallets
* Bitcore QT Wallet
* Electrum-BTX

* Software Wallets
* Coinomi Android Wallet
* Coinomi iOS Wallet
* Jaxx Liberty Multi Wallet (Android, iOS & Desktop Wallet)
* ZelCore Multi Wallet (Win, Mac & Linux Desktop Wallet)
* Paytomat

* Web Wallets
* Blockchain Financial
* Magnum Wallet
* TSBW (
* CointoPay

* Paperwallet Bitcore

* Hardware Wallets
* Trezor
* Archos Safe-t mini
* Ellipal

Payment Services
Many developments are going on to solve the scalability issues for the Cryptocurrencies. BitCore BTX seems to almost have solved this scalability problem. BitCore is currently targeting the financial sector, with most trying to increase the speed of transactions while making its costs cheaper. The principal characteristics that are behind BitCore’s massive popularity among users are its significantly lower transaction fee, faster transaction system, and a very transparent blockchain platform. During these two years, BTX has announced the following integrations, and each one takes the currency a step closer to real-world adoption.

* BTCPay
* AtomicPay
* Paytomat
* Paybyte
* Kamoney
* CointoPay

* Bitexlive
* Bit-Z
* CREX24
* Cryptopia
* Coinexchange
* Excoincial
* HitBTC
* Komodo BarterDEX (DEX)
* Tradesatoshi
* Block DX (DEX)
* Reflextrader
* Equicex
* CryptoChange (Swap)
* Easyrabbit (Swap)
* InstaSwap (Swap)
* SimpleSwap (Swap)
* BitBase (Physical point)

Breaking language barriers; BitCore whitepaper has been translated into many languages like Turkish, French, Spanish and Russian. We believe that with these translations more people will see BitCore and Blockchain’s transformative potential.

* English (
* Spanish (
* French (
* Turkish (
* Russian (

A quick overview of what’s happening in the BTX price.
* BitCore is officially supported on TradingView ( Meet the Mini Chart Widget at! Mini Chart Widget displays the price, change percentage along with a basic chart of Bitcore.
* CoinMarketCap:
* CoinMarketDaddy:
* Investing:
* Blockfolio:

Best Regards from BitCore BTX team!

Author: LIMXTEC Team
BitCore | [email protected]

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The Official Newsletter of BitCore BTX, Q1 2019

BitCore BTX Community!
BTX is excited to connect with you through our quarterly newsletter. We’re constantly growing our ecosystem, in order to make BTX more accessible for both institutional and retail users. On that front, 2018 was an incredible year, and 2019 started with new integrations of BitCore. We forged high-quality partnerships with organizations spanning various use cases. Here, you will find integrations, listings, updates on our activities, news from the BitCore Core Team.
We hope you enjoy this newsletter!

Special Thanks
BitCore community believes in us and supports our moves. Thank you for your support/votes for Block DX listing.

Recommended Video
Mike Nesbitt from BitCore community made this informative video: Thanks Mike!

Social Media
BitCore team and community are active on social media spreading awareness about BTX; we always try to expand our community and geographical borders. Therefore, we created a NEW BITCORE telegram groups for our Turkish, Slovakia and French community (Join the new groups).


Website updates
Over the past several months we’ve updated several pieces of content on our website, in particular the main page, as well as the Ecosystem. These types of updates require timeliness, and so remain ongoing. Our goal for the website is to share updated content and to give users a quick and easy place to find answers. We want to make discovery of the projects throughout the BitCore ecosystem seamless and give developers the tools they need to build best-in-class products. The website also features BTX’s new roadmap, which details BitCore’s developments and and future milestones, including Evolution (

New Exchanges
The number of ways to access and hold BTX are constantly growing, and each month we’re excited to add new listings for the BitCore. We are pleased to share that BitCore has been listed on three new exchanges Block DX, Reflextrader and Equicex.

  • Block DX is the first true decentralized exchange that enables trading freedom for connected blockchains. Bitcore is tradeable with all the cryptocurrency supported by the BlockDX (
  • Equicex exchange listed Bitcore for trade to over 300 cryptocurrencies. ( This is will be a very exciting avenue for the Bitcore community to purchase and trade their crypto!
  • Reflextrader belongs to CointoPay Company that provides BTX trading against BTC (

Moreover, HitBTC increased the decimals from 6 to 9 for BitCore BTX trading pairs. This had a positive impact on trading and prevents the walls move quickly and possibly disappears.

Prepaid Card
Equicex prepaid cards are available for BitCore BTX, clients are able to deposit BTX directly into plastic card and virtual card, and convert automatically to fiat currencies like EUR, GBP and USD (


  • Blockchain Financial: BitCore has been integrated to Blockchain Financial. Use Blockchain Financial as your online BTX wallet and send/receive BTX throught CryptoWiz! (
  • Magnum Wallet: BitCore has been integrated into Magnum Wallet. You can store, send/receive your BITCORE BTX coins ( Users have full control over their private keys.





Payment services
The project continues to be focused on the payment sector and really delivering on the “currency” promise of the term cryptocurrency. BitCore has announced two new integrations this quarter, and each one takes the currency a step closer to real-world adoption.

  • AtomicPay: The decentralized cryptocurrency payment processor AtomicPay, which functions on the WooCommerce, OpenCart and PrestaShop modules/plugins, now supports Bitcore to expedite real life adoption of BTX globally. AtomicPay allows merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency without requiring private keys (non-custodial). Therefore it doesn’t store client funds. This feature is one of the competitive advantages of it. They make things simpler for merchants at
  • CointoPay: Online stores and services can now accept BTX as payment with Woo Commerce, Shopify, Prestashop, OSCommerce, Magento2x, Zencart, Blesta (see more: You can start to sell services and products with your own Cointopay account and enable BTX as payment method. With the Point of Sale (POS) Android app from, you can accept orders and receive crypto currency payments from your customers.

Of course, we can’t grow our ecosystem if we’re not investing in the digital asset community. To this end, we took part in a Mallorca Blockchain Days. Thus, we interacted with likeminded individuals, we managed to make some very beneficial contacts, and in addition we had some great talks with people from several different blockchain enterprises (for more details: On the other hand, we continue our educational seminars in Venezuela. Our aim is to teach people about blockchain technology and BitCore, and help them to start in this amazing new opportunity. Venezuela will be BTX´s territory!

Have a look our other success stories in Q1.

Revain ( review platform for crypto community has listed BitCore. Please let’s write some reviews about BTX.

  • Livenet; BitCore Machine released. Livenet displays any block and any transaction (TXID) in different sizes. The idea is to visually show the Bitcore blockchain for educational purpose. Let’s have a look at
  • Bitcore giveaway rewards are distributed to winners.

Author: LIMXTEC Team
Email: [email protected]

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Important update: Bitcore Public Keys

Important update: Bitcore Public Keys

Dear Bitcore community,

Due to potential roadblocks with many hardware and service providers, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for us to change the public key prefix. Since we use the same prefix as bitcoin (“1”, “3” and “bc1”), we decided that Bitcore BTX should use the following new prefixes:

Wallets 1xxx -> 2xxx
Wallets 3xxx -> sxxx
Wallets bc1 -> btx

We would like to ask all Bitcore users to slowly but surely upgrade to the new system.
To do so, please follow these steps:
1. Open your Bitcore core / Bitcore-QT wallet.
2. Create a backup of your wallet.dat and store it in a safe place. For example a USB-Stick that you later put in a safe-deposit box.
3. Download the latest wallet and replace the wallet.dat that will be created on startup with your old wallet.dat
4. Bitcore-QT will automatically create new public keys for your private keys, starting with 2xxx instead of 1xxx.
5. It is important to note, that you can only use your old public keys to send to other old addresses and vis versa - you can send only to the new format from the new format. The address formats are not interchangeable.

Please note that the private keys are in no way affected by this change.
Any private key is fully compatible with both the old formatting as well as the new one.

The new wallet, supporting the new format only, is still in beta mode but can be download and tested via the official github:
Note: There will be an official release soon. Meanwhile here is a basic tool, to convert old addresses to the new 2xxx format:

We also want to inform you that there’s no rush to update, we set a timeframe of 3 months in which we want to complete the transition. After this period bitcore core 0.16 will be released which will only use the new public keys.
If you have any questions feel free to ask here in the forum or on our numerous social media and telegram channels. See for a full link list.

Thank you for your support and for your understanding.

– Your Bitcore team

New Bitcore Core

Our devs have been working hard on the latest wallet release of the Bitcore Core (bitcore-qt) wallet.

The new features include:

  • automatic fees now 10x lower
  • full link list directly accessible via the wallet
  • increased incoming connections from 8 to 16
  • checkpoint update

Download core here:

Please note: Windows and Linux are fully operational, however we ask you to wait with the MaxOS version, it still needs some tweaking.

– Your Bitcore team

Bitcore Core 0.15 released

Today we proudly announce the release of Bitcore Core for Windows, Linux and OSX.
You can download it on the official LIMXTEC github:


One of many cool new features is a new chainstate database, reducing loading time and actual size of the blockchain! We are currently below 300 MB!

On top of that we made a complete design overhaul, Bitcore Core now looks like it should!

Important: Before updating, always make sure to backup your wallet.dat and private keys!

On the first startup, it may take up to a few minutes for the blockchain update to take finish. From then on loading your wallet will be even faster than with the previous Core 0.14.

Disclaimer: The Bitcore website ( cannot take responsibility for third party providers, such as the listed exchanges, wallets, sites and pools. All links hosted on our domain are by community members and third parties and by clicking on any of the listed links you are accepting the risks of using the third party domain and taking responsibility for any losses, damage or other issues using said domain. Crypto-currencies are inherently risky and investors and users must remain vigilant.

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