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Welcome to the Q2 newsletter that provides some thoughts on the BitCore BTX and gives an overview about the biggest announcements from the last three months. As always, we love hearing from you, so if you have any thoughts, comments or questions, leave a comment and let us know!

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Payment Systems

Since BitCore went live two years ago, people all over the world have used it to trade against various other cryptocurrencies and fiats. We love that. But at the end of the day, our dream is bigger. That’s why, from the beginning, we’ve focused on payment systems. As you know, we have finished the BTX integration for BTCPay, AtomicPay, Paytomat, Paybyte, Kamoney and CointoPay meaning that merchants from all over the world can start accepting BitCore as a payment method. For truly becoming the payment option, BitCore (BTX) needs to have a suite of tools to be easily integrated into online stores and shopping carts as well. Hence, having a method to use BTX on WordPress is unavoidable because of the unique features and advantages that are offered by BTX. Today, you can easily accept BTX as a payment for an e-Commerce store. Because, right now, three plugins have been set up for enabling customers such as merchants to receive direct payments in BTX at your WooCommerce-powered stores or with our own BTX solution:

By continuing to reach milestones like these ones, we’re committing to making BitCore (BTX) as a simple, easy and payment method accessible for all the people across Europe and around the world. Many thanks to JonDavid (Dali_Jolijo), Chris and Fahim for being the actors of the development and the spread of BitCore into payment systems.

New logo and sticker packet

At the beginning of the quarter, BitCore team worked about a new design of the logo. After multiple samples, the community welcomed warmly the last suggestion that you can find on the social medias and the website. Yes my friends, it is time to say goodbye to the old logo and to welcome the new one as your partner for the next years! Here you can see the press kits, basic, full, logos, footer, banners: We informed all the services to update BitCore logo and we look forward to seeing it everywhere soon.

We also got a new pack of stickers for you. Spread

Thank you to Carlos for this high-quality contribution.

New Listings

BTX is now available for trading on Excoincial and XT. Users can trade BTX against both BTC and the US Dollar. Moreover, we want to inform you that Bit-Z updated the wallet format. Bit-Z now displays the default BTX address format (address of 2xxx prefix mode) which means you can deposit/withdraw on Bit-Z without the BTX address converter. This will provide a positive impact on trading volume and the quality of services of BitCore.



New version of the Electrum-BTX 3.3.6

The BitCore BTX team is pleased to announce a new version of the Electrum-BTX which is a fork of Electrum wallet and works much like it. Electrum-BTX allows users to dispense with backups and blockchain downloads, and also this new version supports Android.

Download from the official LIMXTEC GitHub:





Chinese and Africa Communities

We always try to expand our community and geographical borders. Therefore, we have set up the BitCore BTX Chinese and Africa Communities. Respectively, meet Mo Dewei and Opa. They will help to build a robust BTX Chinese and Africa Communities and a bridge between the regional communities and the BTX global community. As the expansion of BitCore is major, they will also build new partnerships with local payment processors, exchanges and more. Welcome to BitCore Family.



During the second quarter of 2019, BTX team has participated to several blockchain events; Coinfest 2019 and BCH19 which offer a unique and colourful mix of different communities, industries, developers, hackers, medias and investors. Read more


On the other hand, we continue our educational seminars in Venezuela with Ivan. Our aim is to teach people and industrials about blockchain technology and BitCore, and help them to start in this amazing and new opportunity. Venezuela will be the BTX´s territory!

Recommended Video

Mike Nesbitt from BitCore community renewed the informative video with new BTX logo: Thanks again Mike!

Have a look our other success stories in Q2.

  • TradingView, the world’s largest social trading platform and community of active retail investor integrated BitCore (
  • BitCore has been added to OddEvenBets (
  • BTX has been listed on Check the BTX price movement. Moreover, COIN360 watchlist feature enabling us to customize BTX heat maps.
  • BitCore swaps on InstaSwap are back online! Swap your BTX with other coins or vice versa.
  • BTX was updated to core in Crex24.
  • We celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the BitCore. We’re all very much looking forward to what is coming during our 3rd year!
  • We have published article: BitCore Whitepaper Now Accessible to English, Turkish, French, Spanish and Russian Speakers:
  • BitCore & Magnum wallet airdrop rewards are distributed to winners.

Thanks for reading the Q2/2019 Newsletter! Want to learn more about what we do? Check out our website, or download the BitCore BTX Wallet. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media to be the first to hear about new announcements!

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