BITCORE is an open-source cryptocurrency. A team has formed around core developer Chris, together they’re pursuing their vision of a high-tech, yet low-fee payment coin with a wide spread merchant and online-service acceptance.


Core Developer and Founder

C++ Developer for the BITCORE Core and QT. Bitcointalk | Github


Evolution Backend Developer, Founder

Jon is the API, Electrum and infrastructure developer for BITCORE. Bitcointalk | Github


Graphic Designer, Ambassador & Social Media

Carlos is the creator of our new image and a person truly committed to the frontend of BITCORE. Github | Bitcointalk | Twitter | Linkedin | Telegram


Backend Organitasion

Lukas joined the BITCORE team as Backend Organisation – Head of Administration. He is working since 2000 as IT-Administrator in Germany. Bitcointalk | Twitter

David (Dalijolijo)

Python and C++ Programmer QT David is an experienced programer in the crypto space and supports the Bitcore project. Github

David (Kryptowerk)

Strategy Advisor He is also working on media publications and supports the core team’s workflow. Bitcointalk | Twitter

Iván León

Support / Speaker Ivan is our person in charge of taking Bitcore’s voice in conferences, seminars and meetings in Venezuela. Twitter

Fahim Altınordu

Press & Multitool He is a content writer for LimxTec projects, Coordinator of publications, Exchange listing, services integration and Multitool. Email | Twitter | Telegram


Supporter Brad is Bitcore’s Facebook manager.

Ibrahim Acir

Developer Team (Turkey)

Greg (GM)

Quality Assurance & Mining Mining pool admin and mining support via telegram channel.


Supporter Hhampuz is organizing signature campaigns and manages our threads on a lot of altcoin forums.


Support Engineer Twitter


Head of Website Suppor Telegram and altcoin forum support.


Founder and Advisor and early Supporter Bitcointalk | Twitter | Telegram

Super Fast


Innovative Ideas


Advanced Technology


Clear Communication


Bitcore has been integrated into Magnum Wallet

We are happy to announce that Bitcore has been integrated into the Magnum Wallet, where you can store your BITCORE BTX coins. Here we leave you the official Magnum site for you to visit and enjoy the benefits of this great Wallet. Author: LIMXTEC Team Email:...

Get 25% discount Ellipal Wallet

Order @ellipalwallet #hardware #wallet with this link:, and get 25% discount. Moreover, including free customized #Bitcore $BTX logo on backside in January. It is completely connection free, mobile supported and fast! Author:...

Electrum-BTX 3.2.3 with BIP32_PRIME fix has now been released

Dear Bitcore BTX community, merchant processors and other services, Electrum-BTX 3.2.3 with BIP32_PRIME fix has now been released. Release notes are here: Fixed URI Handler for Setup.exe. While using Payment processors (AtomicPay & BTCPay), if your wallet is on the...

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