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Decentralized, fast and with the best options for person-to-person transactions, developed and thought for the community…
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⚠ TAKE TIME TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ⚠    BITCORE is different from what you know and use every day. Before you start using Bitcore for any serious transaction, be sure to read what you need to know and take appropriate steps to secure your wallet. Always remember that it is your responsibility to choose your wallet carefully and adopt good practices in order to protect your money.

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What is Bitcore BTX? What are the features and why should I start using it?

BitCore BTX: Your Coin, Your Money

Established on 24th of April 2017, BitCore from the community for the community. BitCore has one of the lowest transaction fees on the market while possibly providing the best on-chain scaling solution in the  entire crypto-sphere. Take a look at our comparison chart.

Core with own add-ons

BitCore is running on wallet version and to name just two add-ons, we have SegWit and also Bloom activated since we launched the coin. The SegWit blocksize is 20MB while the average blocktime is 2.5 minutes, the max supply and the Proof-of-Work block reward halving time are similar to BTC. This version uses the new address format (public keys starting with a “2”).

Claiming for Bitcoin holders

Claiming for the first snapshot (Bitcoin block #463604) ended 30th of October 2017. We made a new snapshot of the Bitcoin network on 2nd of November 2017 (Bitcoin block #492820). These ~5 million addresses are able to claim BitCore BTX for free, right now! Read how to here.

BTX integration on graviex has been completed!

BitCoreans can TRADE BTX now on BTC, ETH and USDT pairs on this...

TradeSatoshi exchange closes its doors

Dear BitCore community, TradeSatoshi exchange closes its doors, we...

BitCore BTX Listing Fundraising at Graviex

Dear BitCore community, As you know, we currently released a...

BitCore is currently creating approx. 5’000’000 transactions in only a couple of days to fill all the public keys from the last snapshot with 50% BTX


Some technical information about BITCORE (BTX) and its specifications.

  • Launched 24th of April 2017
  • Core
  • Max supply of 21 million coins
  • Blocksize 10MB (20MB SegWit)
  • 2.5 min average blocktime
  • Current blockchain size approximately 1010 MB
  • Timetravel10 (GPU) mining algorithm
  • SegWit and Bloom online
  • Core Shield 64_15 difficulty
    retargeting algorithm
  • Fair distribution: airdrops (ended) + BTC claiming (ongoing)



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