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…. more versions and classic design wallet can you find here.

What is Bitcore (BTX), what are the features and why should I start using it?

Bitcore BTX: the fast payment solution

Established on 24th of April 2017, Bitcore aims to be the #1 solution for direct payments. Bitcore has one of the lowest transaction fees on the market while providing possibly the best on-chain scaling solution in the  entire crypto-sphere. Take a look at our comparison chart.

Airdrop for Bitcoin holders

Claiming for the first snapshot (Bitcoin block #463604) has ended 30th of Oct. We made a new snapshot of the Bitcoin network on the 2nd of November 2017. These 5 million addresses are able to claim BTX / Bitcore for free! Read how to here.

Core With own add-ons

Bitcore is running on wallet version and to name just two add-ons we have SegWit and also Bloom activated since we launched the coin. The blocksize is 20MB while blocktime, total amount and halving time are similar to BTC.

Free weekly airdrop

Every monday all registered wallets which are loaded with at least 1 BTX will receive a 6% bonus payment! That’s a six percent interest Every. Single. Week. Enjoy!

New Turkish Exchanges for Bitcore BTX

Bitcore was recently listed on two new exchanges. BTX can now be traded directly against Turkish Lira (TRY) on these exchanges:   This is a nother great step towards huge adoption, buying, selling and using BTX for...

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Bitcore Core 0.15 released

Today we proudly announce the release of Bitcore Core for Windows, Linux and OSX. You can download it on the official LIMXTEC github:   One of many cool new features is a new chainstate database, reducing loading...

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Bitcore network secured by 15000 GTX 1070 cards!

The Bitcore network is currently running with slightly below 300 Gigahash per second! This means that approximately 15000 GTX 1070s are mining in our network! The higher the hashrate for a decentralized cryptocurrency such as Bitcore BTX is, the better it is secured....

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A new record!

Bitcore is currently creating approx. 5’000’000 transactions in only a couple of days to fill all the public keys from the last snapshot with 50% BTX.

Some technical information about Bitcore (BTX) and its specifications.

  • Launched in April 2017
  • Core
  • 21 million coins
  • Blocksize 10MB (20MB SegWit)
  • 2.5 min blocktime
  • Blockchain size less than 300MB
  • Mining algo: Timetravel 10 (GPU)
  • SegWit and Bloom online
  • Smooth Diff64_15 difficulty algorithm (retarget)
  • Fair distribution: airdrops, claiming via snapshot (for BTC holders)

24th of April 2017

Bitcore BTX blockchain went live

2nd of November 2017

Bitcoin snapshot taken

Q1 2018

New website, Insight API, Adding more exchanges

Q1/Q2 2018

First hardware wallet, Active marketing, Press releases, Publications

Q2 2018

Ability to directly purchase and sell BTX on, Expansion of merchant network, ATM integration, Further marketing, English YouTube channel

Q3 2018

Additional hardware wallet support, More exchanges

Q3/Q4 2018

More services that support BTX, Websites, Online gaming, etc.

Q4 2018

Further promotion, TV commercials, Press releases, Raffle a car, More meetings

Bitcore (BTX) is a partner project of BitSend (BSD)


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