Dear BITCORE community,
We have been receiving constant spam in the BITCORE core group in Telegram, which was polluting the constructive discussions about BITCORE, drowning out interesting ideas. To solve this, we created a NEW BITCORE core group. This will help to better categorize the discussions with our community and to eliminate noise from the group in general.

Join the new group

This new general group is for you – the members of our community – to share all about BITCORE. It’s the right place to talk about our updates, our roadmap, our news, etc. Feel free to share your ideas and comments, we are always at your disposal.

You can contact the administrators if you have questions and emergencies.

Also, unlike other groups, BITCORE developers are here and are engaged in software development discussions if you use or are interested in BITCORE technologies and APIs.

Also, please make sure to read the post about the group and respect its rules for your own good, thank you!

Author: LIMXTEC Team
Team Bitcore | [email protected]

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