Dear Bitcore BTX community, merchant processors and other services,

Electrum-BTX 3.2.3 with BIP32_PRIME fix has now been released. Release notes are here:

  • Fixed URI Handler for Setup.exe.
    While using Payment processors (AtomicPay & BTCPay), if your wallet is on the device you’re using to view the invoice, you can open the payment in your wallet by tapping “Open Wallet”. However, there was a problem about this issue and URI Handler is fixed to solve this problem.
  • Security Fix for Server Error Message.
    Some malicious servers have started a phishing attack against Electrum users. When asked to broadcast a transaction, malicious servers reply with an error message. The error messages are trying to get the user to download and install malware (disguised as updated versions of electrum). Altcoin derivatives of Electrum are very common, one of them is Electrum-BTX, and it can also be affected. This patch includes security fix for this server error message. DO NOT download Electrum-BTX from another site than
  • Fixed BIP32_Prime, now using the correct BIP32 derivation path.

Users should update to the latest version as soon as possible in order to avoid risks.

Electrum-BTX – Lightweight Bitcore client; Electrum-BTX allows users to dispense with backups and blockchain downloads, and also enables BTX to be used with the Trezor & Archos Safe-t mini hardware wallet.

Author: LIMXTEC Team
Email: [email protected]

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