is a cryptocurrency gambling/bettings website platform featuring unique games among other cryptocurrency players. Bitcore BTX was just added on CryptoCrowns. At this moment the player has the option to choose between Bitcore (BTX) and other coins.

CryptoCrowns is a popular coinflipping platform which allows you to play thrilling player versus player coinflip games with various cryptocurrencies. The player has the option to choose between heads or tails, the opposite player chooses the opposite coin when joining where the winner takes all the stakes.

Here are some free codes for you to try out:
• LUA3ABWN516QJEOAWJO224Z385YO4EAP (0.05000000 BTX)

About the System
You can create a new coinflip round or join to an existing one. Once you are logged in, the [Join Game] or [Watch Game] buttons will be visible. If you click [Join Game] and you confirm, the game will start for you and the creator. The system will show you the current flip and who has won.

The winner will be shown at the end of the flip. The winner will receive their initial wager * 2. For every round played, a 0-10% commission will be taken. This is calculated on the total round value.

The balance of both the creator and the joiner will be updated during the flip. If there is any problem please open a ticket in their Support system.

Author: LIMXTEC Team
Email: [email protected]

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