Dear community we are excited to tell you that Bitcore BTX has been listed in Bitsten Asia, you can now enjoy this new exchange, here is a review of them. We hope you enjoy and have a happy trading.

Bitsten is a marketplace that offers the ability to trade multiple cryptocurrencies and utilizing various E-payment methods.

They aim to provide an alternative and better solution for trading with low transactions and withdrawal fees. Bitsten offer multiple digital assets with fast, smooth and easy to use features on platform.  Along with that our Customer Support is available 24×7.

There are two types transaction fee on Bitsten.

Regular (BTC) fee is 0.3% and STN Fee is 0.15%.

The security of your funds is our top priority so 90% of user funds will be stored in an offline wallet/cold storage. It is also protected by Two-factor authenticator. Bitsten gives the best offer to the user by giving 75% daily commissions from Bitsten profit sharing by holding Steneum coins, up to December 31, 2018.

Bitsten will periodically scan your Steneum wallet to find out the number of coins and distribute referral commissions based on the amount of Steneum you hold. By holding Steneum, you would be able to get 75% profit sharing from Bitsten. The daily profit depends on the Bitsten market volume. The more trading volume on Bitsten the more profit for you. The profit sharing comes from the transaction fees from trading execution. The more trading volume on Bitsten the more profit sharing for users.

To appreciate Bitsten member who help market Bitsten to public, they share 25% of Bitsten profit. By inviting your friend gives 25% commission from Bitsten to you.

Register on and you will be able to enjoy 100% profit sharing!

Bitcore is a promising project with sustainable network and amazing supports.”
Dheph – Bitsten Customer Support

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