The Blockchain Hotel, was founded by Gideon Gallasch and Gökhan Köse, is situated in Essen, Germany. The whole team strives to become one of the main hubs for blockchain technology in Europe. Our Bitcore Team were there at Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup 2018 (#BTCM2018; 25-26/05/18). Our topics were “Bitcore” (a general presentation) presented by Ivo and “Differences between Bitcoin and Bitcore” presented by Steve. In his presentation Ivo spoke about future developments of Bitcore, in particular the FIAT Gateway and BTXM.

Jon was recently participant of BlockchainHotel Meetup on 22-23 October 2018. As Bitcore BTX, we were pleased to attend the BlockchainHotel meetup in Essen, Germany. The event was a great opportunity to network with peers from the crypto community and discusses exciting new developments in the space.

It was a great mixture in which participants and speakers meet face to face in a very relaxed atmosphere. During the meetup, an awesome community was formed: inspiring conversations in every corner, people discussing solutions to society’s problems, networking, sharing ideas and building new ones, and the most important thing is sharing Bitcore promotion.

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Why Bitcore team usually participate in congress, seminars, meetups, etc.?
Conferences, meetups, seminars and congress are very informative, but one of the major benefits is that a conference can help you take your product to the next level. Discussions help to identify important information, and the conversation helps to gain new knowledge. People need to exchange their ideas — thus, we decided to participate blockchain meetups as much as possible. We believe that the experience of other cultures and their views on using the blockchain technology will bring great results.

For users
A lot of individuals find out about bitcore online, but many people like to attend meetups so they can learn more about Bitcore. We would like to introduce this unique cryptocurrency, Bitcore BTX, and deliver it to real users. These kinds of events are very significant both to reach real users and to follow and discuss new developments.

For business
When you go to a conference in blockchain area, you are able to interact with other likeminded individuals, in addition you are able to network with some of the “big names” in your niche. This is one of the easiest ways to build up new professional connections with payment services, exchangers and other services.

For team
Attending a conference is a great way to get ideas and feedback from others who may have already mastered the marketing problem you can facing. Not only are you introducing a future fan, client, investor, or customer to your product (by networking), but you are also giving/getting the much needed advice.

As a conclusion it was a great event with a special atmosphere, thanks a lot to the whole participants, and we can’t wait to attend #BTCM2019 and other monthly BlockchainHotel meetups.

Team Bitcore BTX | [email protected]

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