BITCORE BTX and Dash Embassy D-A-CH (Our Team Name was : GENO-Krypto-Applications), have attended at the 5th GENO hackathon which took place in the Microsoft Deutschland GmbH office in Cologne which is organised by the DZ Bank Group (the second biggest banking group in Germany), Feducia GAD and ADG from 6th to 8th November 2018.

After two and a half intense days, the GENO hackathon ended with a presentation of the prototypes and a brief explanation of the business model in front of a top-class jury. At the end of the workshops, the teams had the opportunity to pitch their ideas and compete for a place in the GENOlab.

  1. round = 36 projects (1 minute pitch)
  2. round = 12 projects (6 minute pitch with prototype)

GENO-Krypto-Applications team ultimately convinced the jury and we proved in the workshop that we were rightly the winner of the GENO hackathon. Three from last 12 projects get selected as a winners like our team.

Our presentation was about how banks can convert there old ATM Business also Network to a new profitable Business and as a transition from the old financial system to the new financial system. The attendees were also amazed by our

presentation about our Online-Banking solution which allowed any Bank Customer Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies like Bitcore or Dash direct in there Online Banking Account. The important innovation was to incorporate Crypto’s like Bitcore into the banking ATM networks by somehow either adapting old hardware or strategically placing and integrating new crypto ATMs with old banking ATMs. This would further enable a smoother transition for many consumers into the cryptocurrency community.

As a conclusion, BITCORE has won this together with Dash Embassy. Thus, we will work with the Dash Embassy on solutions to integrate cryptocurrencies in the existing banking infrastructure. We are really excited about future and we will keep you update. Now it is time to work agile, there is a lot for us to do.

Author: LIMXTEC Team
Team Bitcore | [email protected]

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