New Bitcore Core

New Bitcore Core

Our devs have been working hard on the latest wallet release of the Bitcore Core (bitcore-qt) wallet.

The new features include:

  • automatic fees now 10x lower
  • full link list directly accessible via the wallet
  • increased incoming connections from 8 to 16
  • checkpoint update

Download core here:

Please note: Windows and Linux are fully operational, however we ask you to wait with the MaxOS version, it still needs some tweaking.

– Your Bitcore team

Bitcore Core 0.15 released

Bitcore Core 0.15 released

Today we proudly announce the release of Bitcore Core for Windows, Linux and OSX.
You can download it on the official LIMXTEC github:


One of many cool new features is a new chainstate database, reducing loading time and actual size of the blockchain! We are currently below 300 MB!

On top of that we made a complete design overhaul, Bitcore Core now looks like it should!

Important: Before updating, always make sure to backup your wallet.dat and private keys!

On the first startup, it may take up to a few minutes for the blockchain update to take finish. From then on loading your wallet will be even faster than with the previous Core 0.14.



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