About Our Team

Bitcore (BTX) is an open-source cryptocurrency. A team has formed around core developer Chris, together they're pursuing their vision of a high-tech, yet low-fee payment coin with a wide spread merchant and online-service acceptance.


Core Developer
Chris is Bitcore’s main developer. He has worked on several other coins like BitSend, Bitcloud and more.


Multi Talent
Jon is the API, Electrum and infrastructure developer for Bitcore.


Brand Ambassador & Social Media
He supervises the contact to exchanges, listing sites and more.

David (Kryptowerk)

Graphic Designer
David is the artistic mind behind Bitcore. He is also working on media publications and supports the core team’s workflow.


Web Development & Project Consultant
Ivo is working on the website as well as helping Bitcore grow both legally and technically.

David (Dalijolijo)

Python and C++ Programmer
QT David is an experienced programer in the crypto space and supports the Bitcore project.


Exchange Manager
Thomas is our email and exchange manager responsible for most of our official communication with services and exchange platforms.


C++ Developer
Uwe has over 30 years of programming experience.

Greg (GM)

Mining Expert
Mining pool admin and mining support via telegram channel.


Bitcore Reddit communicator and graphic supporter.

Fahim Altınordu

Turkish and international exchange management.

Jose Martin

Spanish Community Manager




Hhampuz is organizing signature campaigns and manages our threads on a lot of altcoin forums.


YouTube & Support
Johannes is creating German YouTube videos and does a lot of support work, including writing pdf-guides.


Brad is Bitcore’s Facebook manager.


Ugur is managing Bitcore’s Turkish community and helps with telegram support work.


Telegram and Facebook Support


Telegram and altcoin forum support.

Ibrahim Acir

Developer Team (Turkey)


Entrepreneur & Networker
Fabian is supporting Bitcore from early on and helping with merchant adoption.

Super Fast

Innovative Ideas

Advanced Technology

Clear Communication

Electrum 3.1.0 for Bitcore

We are proud to present to you the Electrum wallet (portable version) for Bitcore BTX. Please note that this wallet only supports the new public key format: Addresses 1xxx -> 2xxx Addresses 3xxx -> sxxx Addresses bc1 -> btx Download from the official LIMXTEC GitHub:...

Important update: Bitcore Public Keys

Important update: Bitcore Public Keys Dear Bitcore community, Due to potential roadblocks with many hardware and service providers, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for us to change the public key prefix. Since we use the same prefix as bitcoin...

Recent news: 23rd of June 2018

Recent News - 23rd of June 2018 Dear Bitcore-Community, here is a short list of important recent events and news regarding the Bitcore project (or directly discuss with us on bitcointalk): 1. We created a complete overhaul of our roadmap, have a look:...

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