1. Bitcore (BTX): General Question

What is Bitcore?
Bitcore (BTX) is a new cryptocurrency, created in April 2017 by the talented developers of Bitsend (BSD).
It is a virtual fork: We created a new chain so our blockchain stays super-tiny with currently less than 400 MB in size, but we also copied over 5 million balances from the Bitcoin chain to the Bitcore chain, giving 0.5 BTX : 1.0 BTC.

It combines the latest Bitcoin crypto technology, including SegWit, Core 0.14 and Bloom, together with a 10 MB block size, fast 2.5 minutes block times, a new lowsized blockchain (~400 MB) and completely new tech like the smooth Diff64_15 difficulty algorithm and the GPU-mining algorithm Timetravel10. Total coin supply, the halving schedule and the actual block reward are similar to Bitcoin.
The low blockchain size is a result of Bitcore not beeing a fork of Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold. Instead it uses a new blockchain which makes use of the genuine virtual fork method.

What is a virtual fork?
Bitcore is the first known cryptocurrency to use the virtual fork method to distribute BTX to Bitcoin holders.
Instead of forking Bitcoin at a specific block and copying the blockchain, Bitcore created a new coin with an empty blockchain. On the 2nd of November 2017 a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain was created and in the following days approx. 5 000 000 transactions were created to fill all addresses (public keys) on the Bitcore blockchain, that had funds of 0.01 BTC or above on the Bitcoin chain. The funding ratio is 0.5 BTX : 1.0 BTC.
You can read more about this world record in transactions here: Making Blockchain History

Are you a Bitcoin fork?
No, Bitcore is completely new cryptocurrency with a new blockchain but it uses a technique called virtual fork. See above for details.

Who are the developers of the Bitcore project?
Chris and Jon are the core developers of the Bitcore project.

Where is the dev fund and for what purpose is it used?
The dev fund is used for all expenses including exchange listings, tech developement, team expenses, websites, meetings, bounties etc.
All dev fund addresses can be viewed on the open Bitcore Blockchain.

What is the difference between claiming and airdrops?
Airdrops are available for everyone that has at least 1.0 BTX in a registered Bitcore address. They happen every Monday, the snapshot for them is usually taken between 0:00 am and 24:00 Berlin time. Make sure to have your funds in your wallet during that time frame.
To be totally sure you will get the airdrop only move your coins after you received your airdrop. An announcement will be made in the bitcointalk forum, if the snapshot for the current airdrop is done.
Claiming refers to our virtual fork, that allows everyone that held Bitcoin at the time of the snapshot (BTC block #492820) to claim his BTX. See 3) of this FAQ.

I heard your supply on coinmarketcap is incorrect - So how big is it?
We are confident to get this issue regarding solved in the near future. Meanwhile please refere to Cryptocompare for any market cap information.

What is special about Bitcore compared to all the Bitcoin forks?
Please take a closer look at our comparison chart, you will see Bitcore is ahead in almost all relevant aspects:
C O M P A R I S O N   C H A R T

2. Bitcore (BTX): Airdrops

How does your airdrop model work?
Everyone holding at least 1.0 BTX in a registered address is qualified for the weekly airdrop.
Make sure to register via this form: Airdrop Registration
Use either Bitcore-QT or coinomini wallet to sign your address.
Our current airdrop model is scheduled as follows. Please note the team reserves the right to change if need be:
+3% every Monday in Novemeber
+4% every Monday in December
+5% every Monday in January
+6% every Monday in February and so on until all funds from the airdrop address are spent.

When will the airdrop finish?
The airdrop will finish, when the No.1 wallet is empty: 13hwgY4YUvrgnhjLP5ugFafL1cmbRRtr5e
See our open blockchain explorer for more info: Bitcore Block Explorer

Can I still get my 25% airdrop?
No. This was a one-time event scheduled for late October. We promoted this in public for several months to get as many people on board as possible.
However you can still take advantage of our current airdrops happening every Monday and the increasing compound effect. See this graphic about the power of the compound effect for BTX.

Why didn't I receive my airdrop?
In order to receive your airdrop your address needs to be a) registered and b) have a balance of at least 1.0 BTX at the time the snapshot for the current airdrop is taken (usually between 0:00 am and 24:00 pm on Monday)
Please make sure to follow out advanced coin control guide to ensure all your funded Bitcore-QT addresses are indeed registered.

Do I have to register once or each Monday?
You only need a one-time registration for each of your funded BTX addresses.

3. Bitcore (BTX): Claiming

What does claiming mean?
In order to allow a widespread adoption of Bitcore, we opted for the virtual-fork model, allowing all BTC holders at the time of the snapshot at the 2nd of Nobember 2017 to receive BTX proportional to their BTC holdings at the time.
If you held BTC at block #492820 of the Bitcoin blockchain and can access your private keys, you automatically received 0.5 BTX per 1.0 BTC at the same address.
For more information please read this article, explaining how to safely access your Bitcore funds. Bitcore claiming for Bitcoin holders

4. Bitcore (BTX): Mining

Can you help me with mining Bitcore?
Please visit our dedicated telegram channel: Telegram Mining Channel
under construction, more coming soon!

5. Bitcore (BTX): Wallet

My wallet doesn't sync, what can I do?
Be patient. If you have a connection to the network, sometimes syncing can take a while, especially if it is your first time running Bitcore Core (Bitcore-QT).
If you are unable to connect to any node, copy the list into your bitcore.conf file, locate in %appdata%. You can find the full node list here: Bitcore Node List If this doesn't work, you can try adding them manually via the console. Use addnode x.y.z add
Alternatively you can download our full installer, including our blockchain and a full node list here: Windows Bitcore Installer Core 0.14

6. Bitcore (BTX): API integration and development

Is there any API support for developers?
Yes, right now there is a wordpress wallet plugin on GitHub:
We are also currently developing more advanced APIs for merchants and other websites to allow for an easy integration of Bitcore.

I am a developer and want to work on Bitcore, what should I do?
Please get in contact with Jon or Chris via

7. Bitcore (BTX): Miscellaneous

I want to know more about the project, where can I educate myself more?
Please refere to our link list for any additional info on Bitcore:

Official forum: open discussion
Official slack: open discussion
Official telegram: open discussion


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