Dear BitCore community,

As you know, we currently released a donation system to expand the BTX exchange ecosystem and for development purposes. BitCore developer teamwork on a purely voluntary basis and is not rewarded financially from this fund. (In fact, we have already bear several out-of-pocket expenses on several projects of our own non-profit). All these funds will be used carefully for BitCore BTX.

Now, thank you donators for your great support. We have reached the first goal, Graviex Exchange.

What do we use the funds for?

  • Business outreach to introduce BitCore solutions
  • Exchange listings
  • Strategic membership in blockchain alliances
  • PR and social media campaigns
  • Team expenses

How to donate?

The BitCore (BTX) and Bitcoin (BTC) General Fund wallets are presented below. There is full transparency on the funds through and We will publish a newsletter detailing the fund’s balance, and any transactions that have taken place.

Please notice that we have only those ways to donate. Avoid any scammer presenting alternative information via other sources.

1.- Please send only BTX: 2LWZ6k2maMshqB16qAyhPF4HnGDimMBuaR
2.- Please send only BTC: 18BzL3SE65Notw2psRkoQwmknYSKKE2y8M

Author: LIMXTEC Team Email: [email protected]

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