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Bitcoin Blockchain Snapshot : at block 463604
(minted : Wed Apr 26 14:23:08 2017)
BTX Claiming Service

Informations about Bitcore

What is Bitcore (BTX), what can BTX and why i should join here ?

Free Airdrop for Bitcoin Holder.

We made a Snapshot from the Bitcoin Network at Blockheight 463604 and cature every Wallet with a Balance bigger then 0.01 BTC. This 4,3 million Wallets are able to claim BTX=BTC for free !

Core 14. with own Add-Ons

Bitcore is running in the Wallet Version 14.0 and to name just two Add-Ons we have SegWit also Bloom activated on Coin start also our Blocksize is 20MB. Blocktime, Amount and halving same like BTC.

BTX Claiming Service

Try YOUR new Start !

You have miss the BTC starting time where 1 BTC was like 3$ ? or you have a Bitcoin amount and like to withdraw your Airdrop ? Feel free and do what every you like and have fun with BTX. :-)

Coin Specifications

Here you find the technical infos about the Bitcore Coin and his Specs.

Core 14.1
21 Million Coins
Blocksize 10MB (20MB SegWit)
2.5 min Blocktime
Algo Timetravel 10
Segwit and Bloom online
Retarget system from BitSend - DK3

Bitcore ~ Timeline

All important moments in the Bitcore History

  • 2017-04-24

    Our Coin Beginnings

    3,2,1 - GO. We start successfully our Coin and find the first BTX Block in our Network at 00:59:57 GMT. The Snapshot Amount was moved to BTX Wallet 1BrwaBQ9yYieocSvimHohUcfHa71eTXSCb

  • First Week after Lunch

    A new Coin is Born

    Our Network was started and we also start with our Slack, Twitter and Bitcoin-Talk Forum postings. Also we get a listing on Cryptopia & Coinmarketcap.

  • 01. May - 15. June 2017

    Transition to Full Service

    After a success Coin start, we also Start our Claiming Service were around 12.500 BTX was redeemed and around ~ $31.500.000 was proofed with a Sign Message.

  • ... 2018

    Phase Two Expansion

    We start our Coin also we looking anytime forward to find new Addons, Specs or other improvments for Bitcore. Also we try to give you a great Community so join our Slack if you like.

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