Important update: Bitcore Public Keys

Dear Bitcore community,

Due to potential roadblocks with many hardware and service providers, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for us to change the public key prefix. Since we use the same prefix as bitcoin (“1”, “3” and “bc1”), we decided that Bitcore BTX should use the following new prefixes:

Wallets 1xxx -> 2xxx
Wallets 3xxx -> sxxx
Wallets bc1 -> btx

We would like to ask all Bitcore users to slowly but surely upgrade to the new system.
To do so, please follow these steps:
1. Open your Bitcore core / Bitcore-QT wallet.
2. Create a backup of your wallet.dat and store it in a safe place. For example a USB-Stick that you later put in a safe-deposit box.
3. Download the latest wallet and replace the wallet.dat that will be created on startup with your old wallet.dat
4. Bitcore-QT will automatically create new public keys for your private keys, starting with 2xxx instead of 1xxx.
5. It is important to note, that you can only use your old public keys to send to other old addresses and vis versa - you can send only to the new format from the new format. The address formats are not interchangeable.

Please note that the private keys are in no way affected by this change.
Any private key is fully compatible with both the old formatting as well as the new one.

The new wallet, supporting the new format only, is still in beta mode but can be download and tested via the official github:
Note: There will be an official release soon. Meanwhile here is a basic tool, to convert old addresses to the new 2xxx format:

We also want to inform you that there’s no rush to update, we set a timeframe of 3 months in which we want to complete the transition. After this period bitcore core 0.16 will be released which will only use the new public keys.
If you have any questions feel free to ask here in the forum or on our numerous social media and telegram channels. See for a full link list.

Thank you for your support and for your understanding.

– Your Bitcore team