Press Kit release

Dear Bitcore community,

Today we present our first public press kit.
It contains all relevant graphics and documents for Bitcore presentations and merchandising.

You can download the light version here: BTX Press Kit Basic
~200 MB

The full version includes additional posters/wallpapers and images and can be downloaded here: BTX Press Kit Full
~600 MB

What it contains right now:
– latest corporate identity info files and graphics
– Media articles
– Web graphics
– Print graphics
– Bitcore Powerpoint Presentation (English + German + Russian + Turkish + Czech)

More content will be added over time.

Currently we are looking for high quality translations of the ppt-presentation in the following languages:
– Chinese
– Spanish
– Indian
– French
– Japanese

Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese are already in the making.
If you are a native speaker and want to suggest your language, let us know.

If you are interested in translating the presentation, please get in touch with us. Please make sure you have good references, we need some kind of quality control and cannot accept offers without high-quality references.

Thank you,
Your Bitcore team.