Friday, 20th of April 2018, we visited the offices of Bitwala Berlin.
Thanks to a great contact that was mostly established by Fahim and Ugur, we were invited by Bitwala to allow for great crypto-conversations and get aquainted.

If you don’t know what Bitwala is: is a new company with the aim to become the ultimate crypo-bank.
In the near future traditional bank-business will be fully integrated with crytpo-business.

This is where we see a great chance to estabish Bitcore on a new service.
You can think about Bitwala as a similar service like in Australia, or Kamoney in Brazil or PayCml in Turkey.
After our meeting we all got to know each other better and from now on Bitwala will have an eye on our project.

Bitwala asked us to wait a few months, until after their final developments are done, to continue our business-talks.

We took another day in Berlin to work on effective teambuilding and enable a culture of growth for the future of Bitcore.

– Your Bitcore team