Dear Bitcoreans, 
The New York event was a special one for all of us; It was the first time to U.S. for all of us.
Besides the event we took a little time to see what New York had to offer.
We visited the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom tower, visited Ground Zero memorial, walked extensively in Central Park, allowed ourselves a real American steak, 
went to one of the legendary Irish Pubs and were then completely wowed by the endless flatscreens and billboards on Time Square. 
The U.S. really seems to be the land of endless possibilities,  so with full self-confidence we went to the event.
The event itself was actually a ICOs and Security Tokens event. If you think this event has nothing to do with our Bitcore, you are mistaken.
Because of the fact that we were the ONLY Coin there, we managed to make some very beneficial contacts.
The reason we went there in the first place is because most ICO’s don’t have actual projects, meaning they need the best marketing to make it. And as we all know Bitcore can use some professional marketing.
We were able to get an interview with “Cliff on Crypto” and also had extensive discussions with marketing agencies from China and Japan. We had an hours long talk with the agency from China. 
We are in daily contact with them and a successful WeChat group is emerging. 
Besides the marketing opportunities we met with a Korean company; they have an ingenious hardware wallet in credit card format and we are exploring a potential potential partnership with them.
We would like to thank the organiser Moe Levin and are really looking forward to another event on American soil.
You can view a short youtube video from our team here:
– Your Team Bitcore