This is our first public contest for our creative Bitcore community!


Rules for your submission


Bitcore promo banners

Format: The banner needs to be an animated .gif in the following resolutions:

– main: 728x90p

– side: 160x600p

– mobile 1: 320x100p

– mobile 2: 300x250p

You must submit at least the main and one mobile banner. If you submit all four banners you will receive 100% of the bounty price, for 3 banners you receive 90% and for 2 banners you receive 80% (if you win).

Make sure that all banners are created in a similar style so they can be used on the same website at once.


Content: The banners should focus on our core strengths: the hybrid fork distribution to BTC holders, our weekly airdrops, huge transaction capacity, low fees, fast blocktimes, small blockchain etc. etc. Use your own words and creativity.
It should appeal to people visiting sites such as and other large crypto related sites. Make it flashy but still serious. – Be creative!

This is a basic concept from Kryptowerk: – Make it just like this but better! 😉

Deadline: We accept submissions via email until 13th of February. You can link to an imgur album or directly link to all gifs in the email.

Your banner submissions must be open source for everyone to redistribute and share. It is very important that your submission does not have any copyright infringements!

Everyone is allowed up to two entries but remember: quality over quantity!

Please try to stick to our CI guide (included in the presskits).


1st prize: 36 BTX
2nd prize: 20 BTX
3rd prize: 14 BTX
4th & 5th prize: 5 BTX

Please note: In the case that less than 12 submissions are made, the prizes will be distributed as following:
9 – 11: 1st: 33 BTX, 2nd: 18 BTX, 3rd: 12 BTX, 4th: 5 BTX
5 – 8: 1st: 30 BTX, 2nd: 16 BTX, 3rd: 10 BTX
1 – 4: 1st: 28 BTX, 2nd: 14 BTX


Important: We do expect some basic level of professionality for the banners. If we feel this standard is not met by a submission, we reserve the right to exclude it from the contest.


Winners announcement

When the deadline for submissions (13th of February 2018) has passed we will make a community vote to determine the winners.



Ideally you can provide your own graphics and animations.

However we also provide a variety of logos and graphics in our open albums and press kit for your disposal:

PressKit basic (~200 MB)

PressKit full (~600 MB)

Open Kryptowerk Albums


Good luck to all creators!

  • Your Bitcore team