Coinfest UK, 5th/6th./7th of April 2018, Manchester

This time team Bitcore headed towards Manchester UK for the famous Coinfest event.

With its free entry for anyone to make the trip, we were expecting to see many people who are new to the crypto-scene and we were anticipating an exciting event. Suffice it to say that our expectations were exceeded!

We, Bitcore BTX and LimxTec, stand for Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision and focus on the core features of what cryptocurrencies actually mean, following the idea “back to the roots”.

As an acutal sponsor of the Coinfest event, we had also aquired a speakeer-slot. This time our presentation was completely different from all previous ones; for one it was English only. But the more important aspect is that this was the first in a completly new style. Where we used to be talking all tech and only tech, we are now switching our main focus to vision and application. Why now you might ask? Well the main reason for us doing that, is that we are nearing the end of our Airdrop phase, when we finish this crucial phase we are done with the initial distrubution and can set out to reach our goal of becoming the the number one payment coint.

A special thanks goes to Ivo and GM. GM is the manager of as well as

While GM did a great job creating an in-depth perspective from a mining-expert-position, Ivo presented us with an actual world first: the fiat gateway and the BTXM.

The BTXM is not just an ATM it will do so much more, we will be talking about this in an interview held by the uprising youtube-star “digidels“. You will be amazed by what she will be able to reveal for the first time in Bitcore history. Let’s just leak one crucial detail here: The BTXM has been developed in a way that will allow any crypto-newbie to enter the world of cryptocurrency in the most easy way possible.

One of the wonderful things about Coinfest UK are the great discussions during and after the actual event. A mix of newcomers and long time members of the crypto-scene make for an incredible atmosphere. We were able to establish a range of new contacts and were successful in our BTX network over the entire line.

Just to be clear: This kind of networking and creating long-term business relationships with well established figures from the crypto-scene is just one of the parts of our marketing strategy. We were accompanied by friends from the as well as a trouper from

With the help of “digidels” we are quite certain we again were able to increase our publicity-range by a lot and are looking forward to upcoming blockchain/crypto events.

Overall we want to give a big shoutout to the organisers of Coinfest UK. We will be back!

– Your Bitcore tesam