The event in Essen is one of our yearly highlights, we are always very curious to see what’s in store for us.

The Essen BTCM2018, organised by team, invited an exceptional group of guests this year. ( A unique mix of Bitcoin Core developers, Amir Taaki, Winheller, Jörg Platzer, the world’s first Bitcoin acceptance point in the Room77 catering area,
President of Liberland Vit Jedlicka, Coindeveloper, press like BTC-Echo and countless others made this event a real hit.

We had 2 speaker slots on Friday; 1 in German and 1 in English. Our topics were “Bitcore” (a general presentation) presented by Ivo Nijenhuis and “Differences between Bitcoin and Bitcore” presented by Steve Müller. In his presentation Ivo spoke about future
developments, in particular the FIAT Gateway and BTXM’s. The BTXM and the General Bytes integration sparked so much interest that even the press (BTC-Echo) became curious and promptly recorded a short presentation. Be on the lookout for their video blog.

Revealing the BTXM at the BTCM.

The focus on Saturday was networking. It was a nice sunny day on the roof terrace, there were some scheduled panel discussions and lots of casual conversations. The atmosphere was very friendly, everyone tries to help each other along and there’s little competion among each other, in the end we are all team crypto.

As always, the days are much to short on these events!

At the end of the day the Bitcoinsongs by Cryptoraptor and Bitcoin Rat bring us some fun and relaxation. Cryptoraptor promised us to include bitcore in his next songs.

We would like to thank Gideon and Gökhan, the organisation of the event, for their effort in making BTCM 2018 a huge success.

We are Bitcore!