From 26th to 27th of February the Bitcore core team attended the Crypto Assets Conference.

It took place in the School of Finance in Frankfurt, Germany.

This is a event focusing on bringing together blockchain and cryptocurrency technology experts and entrepreneurs with corporates and regulators.


Jon finishing the last airdrop preparations early on Monday morning live from our booth.

Later this day, Steve held a Bitcore presentation in front of many experts from the traditional fin-tech sector as well as many established blockchain and crypto entrepreneurs.

We had some great talks with people from several different blockchain enterprises.

Speakers and representatives from famous crypto projects such as ZenCash, Kraken, Distributed Labs, Gnosis and Dash, but also from the traditional banking sector such as Deutsche Bank, ECB and BaFin were present.

Of course our Bitcore drinks were quite popular. More importantly so, we were able to convince with our great codebase and innovative technology, as well as our long-term vision for Bitcore.


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Greetings from the Core team and their supporters.